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Just Us Girls Global Network is a growing movement of women with a desire to play their part in responding to the challenges faced by the female gender.

JUGN is a response to the simple invitation to “Make A Difference” in the world that we live in by focusing on the Girl child, Girlfriends and Girl power.

Just Us Girls started as a column in our monthly relationship newsletter at DAVID’S CHRISTIAN CENTRE called BLISS and has enjoyed such followership that it has grown beyond being just a column where the issues faced by today’s women are trashed out but has evolved to become a channel of healing, learning and above all an opportunity to build friendships and give hope.

We hold an annual Just Us Girls conference in September of every year but that is just a tiny part of what Just Us Girls is all about. In its entirety Just Us Girls is much more than that. It is my dream that one day, women will begin to see themselves as they really are, choose to make a difference and refuse to settle for less than they deserve. I know some people may think it’s a big dream albeit almost unachievable but I believe that achieving big dreams start with taking small steps. All I’m asking is that you join me in taking those small steps by giving back to a specie of humans who are always giving.